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Genetically Programmable Self-Regenerating Bacterial Hydrogels

Duraj-Thatte A.*, Dorval Courchesne N.-M.*, Praveschotinunt P.*, Rutledge J., Lee Y., Karp J.M., Joshi N.S., Advanced Materials, 31 (40), 1901826(2019). *Equal contribution

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Biomimetic Engineering of Conductive Protein Films

Dorval Courchesne N.-M., DeBenedictis E.P., Tresback J., Kim J.J., Duraj-Thatte A., Zanuy D., Keten S., Joshi N.S., Nanotechnology (Special Issue on Bionic Nanotechnology), 29 (45), 454002 (2018).

Tracking of Engineered Bacteria In Vivo Using Non-Standard Amino Acid Incorporation

Praveschotinunt P.,* Dorval Courchesne N.-M.,* den Hartog I.,† Lu C.,† Kim J., Nguyen P.Q., Joshi N.S., ACS Synthetic Biology, 7 (6), pp.1640-1650 (2018).​*,†Equal contribution

Fabrication of Amyloid Curli Fiber-Alginate Nanocomposite Hydrogels with Enhanced Stiffness

Axpe E., Duraj-Thatte A., Chang Y., Kaimaki D.-M., Sanchez-Sanchez A., Caliskan H.B., Dorval Courchesne N.-M., Joshi N.S., ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, 4 (6), pp.2100-2105 (2018).

Engineered Living Materials: Prospects and Challenges for Using Biological Systems to Direct the Assembly of Smart Materials

Nguyen P.Q., Dorval Courchesne N.-M., Duraj-Thatte A., Praveschotinunt P., Joshi N.S., Advanced Materials (Special Issue on Bioinspired Materials), DOI: 10.1002/adma.201704847 (2018). 

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Mediated Growth of Zinc Chalcogen Shells on Gold Nanoparticles by Free-Base Amino Acids

Klug M.T., Dorval Courchesne N.-M., Lee Y.E., Qi J., Heldman N.C., Hammond P.T., Fang N.X., and Belcher A.M.

Chemistry of Materials, 29 (16), pp.6993-7001 (2017).

Scalable Production of Genetically Engineered Nanofibrous Materials via Filtration

Dorval Courchesne N.-M.,* Duraj-Thatte A.,* Tay P.K.R., Nguyen P.Q., Joshi N.S., *Equal contribution

ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, 3 (5), pp.733-741 (2017).

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Biotemplated Silica and Silicon Materials as Building Blocks for Micro- to Nanostructures

Dorval Courchesne N.-M., Steiner S.A., Cantú V.J., Hammond P.T., and Belcher A.M.

Chemistry of Materials, 27 (15), pp.5361–5370 (2015).

Nanostructured Core-Shell Carbon Nanotubes-Polyaniline Hydrogels with High Electrochemical Energy Storage

Chen P.-Y., Dorval Courchesne N.-M., Hyder M.N., Belcher A.M., and Hammond P.T.

RSC Advances, 5, pp.37970-37977 (2015).

Constructing Multifunctional Virus-Templated Nanoporous Composites for Thin Film Solar Cells: Contributions of Morphology and Optics to Photocurrent Generation

Dorval Courchesne N.-M.,* Klug M.T.,* Huang K.J., Weidman M.C., Cantú V.J., Chen P.-Y., Kooi S.E., Yun D.S., Tisdale W.A., Fang N.X., Belcher A.M., and Hammond P.T., *Equal contribution

J. Phys. Chem. C., 119 (25), pp.13987-14000 (2015).

M13 Virus-Enabled Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide Nanowires for Tunable Mesoporous Semiconducting Networks

Chen P.-Y, Dang X., Klug M.T., Dorval Courchesne N.-M., Qi J., Hyder M.N., Belcher A.M., and Hammond P.T.

Chemistry of Materials, 27 (5), pp.1531-1540 (2015).

Adaptive Growth Factor Delivery from Polyelectrolyte Coatings Promotes Synergistic Bone Tissue Repair and Reconstruction

Shah N.J., Hyder N.M., Quadir M.A., Dorval Courchesne N.-M., Seeherman H.J., Nevins M.L., Spector M., and Hammond P.T.

PNAS, 111 (35), pp.12847-12852 (2014). 

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Assembly of Viral Hydrogels for Three-dimensional Conducting Nanocomposites

Chen P.-Y., Hyder M.N., Mackanic D., Dorval Courchesne N.-M., Qi J., Klug M.T., Belcher A.M., Hammond P.T. 

Advanced Materials, 26 (30), pp. 5101-5107 (2014).  

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Assembly of a Bacteriophage-Based Template for the Organization of Materials into Nanoporous Networks

Dorval Courchesne N.-M., Klug M.T., Chen P.-Y., Kooi S.E., Yun D.S., Hong N., Fang N.X., Belcher A.M., Hammond P.T.

Advanced Materials, 26 (21), pp. 3398-3404 (2014).

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Versatile Three-Dimensional Virus-Based Template for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with Improved Electron Transport and Light Harvesting

Chen P.-Y., Dang X., Klug M.T., Qi J., Dorval Courchesne N.-M., Fang N.X., Hammond P.T., Belcher A.M.

ACS Nano, 7(8), 6563-6574 (2013).

Measurement of Δ1J(199Hg,31P) in [HgPCy3(OAc)2]2 and Relativistic ZORA DFT Investigations of Mercury-Phosphorus Coupling Tensors

Bryce D.L., Dorval Courchesne N.-M., and Perras F.A. 

Solid State Nucl. Magn. Reson., 36, 182-191 (2009).

Enhancement of Lipid Production Using Biochemical, Genetic and Transcription Factor Engineering Approaches

Dorval Courchesne N.-M., Parisien A., Wang B., and Lan C.Q.

Journal of Biotechnology, 141 (1-2), pp. 31-41 (2009). 

Production and Applications of Phage and Phage-Encoded Lytic Enzymes

Dorval Courchesne N.-M., Parisien A., and Lan C.Q.,

Recent Patents on Biotechnology, 3 (1), pp. 37-45 (2009).