Our Facilities

We have a newly renovated laboratory space that we are setting up to carry out multidisciplinary research.
Some of our instruments include:
  • An Opto-Electronic Characterization Station for Biomaterials, including:
    • A high resolution device analyzer (Keysight B1500A)​
    • A probe station (C-2 mini station, Everbeing)
    • A solar simulator
    • A glovebox with humidity and temperature control
  • Bacterial culture tools
    • Large incubator-shaker
    • Plate incubator
  • Protein expression and large-scale isolation tools
    • Vacuum filtration setup for protein purification
    • Protein electrophoresis tools
  • Molecular biology tools
    • Triple block thermocycler (Biometra Trio)
    • Electroporator
    • DNA electrophoresis tools
    • Transilluminator
  • Benchtop centrifuges (large volume centrifuge, and microcentrifuges)
  • Spectroscopy tools for microvolumes
    • NanoDrop One-C microvolume and cuvette spectrophotometer
    • NanoDrop 3300 microvolume fluorospectrometer
  • Various sample preparation tools (vortexer, orbital shaker, thermo-shaker incubator...)
For inquiries about our tools and their capabilities, please contact Prof. Dorval Courchesne  (noemie.dorvalcourchesne(at)mcgill.ca).
Our group also uses tools in shared facilities around campus:
- Facility for Electron Microscopy Research (FEMR)
- McGill Institute for Advanced Materials (MIAM)
- McGill SPM Facility 
- Department of Chemical Engineering Analytical Laboratory 
- McGill Nanotools Microfab (MNM)